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Nine H2S Scavenger Packages

Project Execution


  • Design-build turnkey delivery of nine H2S scavenging skids, including two of the largest H2S scavenging skid packages in Alberta with each skid having the capacity to treat up to
    10,000 ppm of total sulfur content.
  • The systems are capable of scavenging the H2S content down to 0 ppm and removing greater than 90% of the total inlet sulfur content through the use of a non-regenerative scavenger chemical.
  • Projects were based on our typical scavenging package template, and were modified to comply with client-specific process requirements and specifications.
  • Leveraged team experience in H2S scavenging package design to design and fabricate custom scavenging skids.
  • Full multi-disciplinary approach taken for the design of the packages, procurement of long-lead items, and fabrication of the skid packages resulted in projects completed on schedule and under budget without sacrificing quality.

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