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Reclaimed Water Treatment

Meet Growing Demand, Sustainably.

As population growth accelerates, alternative water sources are filling the gap to reduce demands on existing infrastructure and reduce freshwater withdrawal from the environment.

Re-using water for toilet and urinal flushing and irrigation through a looped, non-potable water distribution system, presents an innovative opportunity to reduce cost and lower environmental impact.

Integrated Sustainability is leading international organizations & government advisory panels on reclaimed water use and the application of reusable non-potable water. Contact us today for more information.

Understanding Your Water Requirements

Environmental variability is impacting water infrastructure return intervals and requires a progressive development partner with a vested interest in presenting the best long-term solution for your community.

We first work to minimize the design criteria and help you avoid unnecessary engineering complexity and treatment costs. Once established, our engineers work to balance the economic and technical trade-offs between the treatment approach and equipment selection to achieve the best technical and environmental performance at the lowest capital cost.

  • Clarification/softening
  • Ph neutralization / acid water management
  • Membrane & filtration systems
  • Process water management systems
  • Water reuse & reclaim
  • Water re-purposing
  • Biological wastewater treatment
  • Sludge/biosolids management
  • Utility water treatment
  • Water distillation

Water Treatment Design-Build & Commissioning

Effective management across stakeholders, fabrication, construction, and engineering, is critical for building the transparency required to deliver your project. 

Our fully integrated equipment supply chain provides you with the required engineering design, procurement, expediting, fabrication, inspection, testing, and preparation needed for any package.

We take ownership of our water treatment approach throughout the entire project and can help share risk so that we partner in our client’s success.  

Many of our projects are delivered under a fixed cost structure and include design, build, and operate options. Additionally, you can benefit from our ability and willingness to provide financial and partnership opportunities that could help see your project to completion.  

Operations, Maintenance & Compliance Management

Water infrastructure assets should be built to last. Engaging us at the feasibility and design phase helps you minimize operational expenditure, reduce risks, and build in climate resiliency to your water treatment facility upgrade project.

We help you protect against equipment obsoletion with our industrial programming capability to continually upgrade software and automation for your assets. And our remote monitoring, procurement and fabrication capabilities, and operation and maintenance teams provide a full suite of services to deliver a hands-off and worry-free customer experience.

In some jurisdictions, we are pleased to be able to offer automated reporting services. Contact us today to check availability.

  • Operation and training services
  • 24/7 remote control and monitoring
  • Trusted support teams and international expertise
  • Programming and upgrades
  • Operation and training services
  • Contingency planning and risk mitigation
  • Established supply chain networks
  • Local support teams
  • Water Chemistry modelling & evaluations
  • Mobile test units
  • Technology-enabled workflows
  • Geomatics support
  • Hydrological evaluations
  • Personnel training
  • Remote monitoring program software
  • Environmental assessments
  • Regulatory permitting
  • Emissions tracking & ESG reporting

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