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Data & Geomatics

Data Intelligence for Powerful Decision-Making

Drones, Real-time Kinetic (RTK), and 3D Scanning are all invaluable tools to any project, but they are just that, tools. Do not let your tools become a bolt-on – maximize their potential. As systems integrators, and we approach technology differently. Rather than seeing technology as an afterthought during a project, we make it a fundamental piece of how we carry out our work. 

Geomatics & Ground Surveyance Services

Using the latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Real-time Kinematic (RTK & PPK) technologies brings value-added intelligence to projects during both design and construction phases, but especially for monitoring Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC).

Reservoir Data Geomatics

Site Data Integration & Visualization

Working with industry leaders to connect remote sensors, and automate drone and scan data processing, we integrate with data visualization tools to generate actionable insights across the project lifecycle: from siting and design, right through to regulatory permitting applications and commissioning.

Aerial Surveying & Geomatics

Aerial Surveying

Integrating the latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), we provide a low-cost, accurate, and fast service to enable technology-assisted workflows from siting and design to maintenance and operation.

Water Sensing & Telemetry

Water Sensing & Surveyance Services

From understanding your water inventory, to gaining a better understanding of the condition of your infrastructure, we provide you with the right tools to efficiently collect data, and the expertise required to turn those measurements into actionable insights.

Remote Water Sensing Units

Remote Sensing with IoT Hardware

More so than ever, effective data collection and visualization is recognized by industry leaders as a critical component in natural resource management. From our experience monitoring distant locations, we recognized the need to reduce costly in-field assessments and increase data collection frequency to better understand variability and statistical errors.

GeoCATA Geographical Information Systems

GeoCATA was built to support environmental, regulatory, and engineering projects and both past, and present, Integrated Sustainability clients enjoy FREE access. It is one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective spatial databases, designed to give your essential resources access to the project data they need without database or GIS expertise.

Articles & Insights

The regulatory and scientific landscapes are evolving fast and implementing best practice is increasingly challenging. Learn how you can benefit from next-generation technologies to drive efficiency and enable cost savings.

Innovative Earthworks Approach Featured in On-Site Magazine

Integrated Sustainability’s transition to “concept to completion” infrastructure delivery and our innovative approach to earthworks construction has gained a significant amount of interest within the industry. Check out the latest article published by On-Site Magazine highlighting our earthworks

Project Experience

Our sustainable infrastructure expertise has been sought for over 300 resource management projects in some of the world’s most challenging environmental conditions. Learn how we’ve applied our regulatory expertise and construction excellence to improve stakeholder value and environmental well-being across a wide variety of jurisdictions and ecological environments.   

Preliminary Pipeline Design Development

Integrated sustainability was tasked by their client to develop a flexible pipeline design. This design was required to meet a range of volumetric flow rates due to uncertain client targets and future projections.

Biophysical Data Amalgamation

Integrated Sustainability has been retained for the amalgamation of biophysical data in anticipation of migration to a new data platform.

De-risking Project Development

Regulatory, rightsholder and stakeholder impacts are often one of the greatest risks to a project’s schedule and long-term viability.

A comprehensive regulatory strategy accounting for technology readiness, lifecycle sustainability, and rights-holder engagement in the early stages of any project is critical to reducing permitting timelines and de-risking your development opportunity. Expedite your project timelines and reach out to our regulatory and stakeholder engagement team today.

Regulatory Applications & Permitting

Through our experience developing progressive infrastructure solutions with resource regulators across North America, we provide a unique insight into the legislative landscape and the experience to manage regulatory liaisons to a successful conclusion.

Assessments, Evaluations, & Feasibility Studies

When planning new capital projects or the retirement of existing assets, assessing the economic, environmental, and social landscape is necessary for project development, engineering design, estimating, and regulatory applications.

Compliance Management & Reporting

Regulatory engagement doesn’t stop once project construction is complete. Ongoing engagement, assessments, monitoring, and reporting are all part of navigating compliance requirements and maintaining good standing.

Regulatory Applications & Permitting

Through our experience developing progressive infrastructure solutions with resource regulators across North America, we provide a unique insight into the legislative landscape and the experience to manage regulatory liaisons to a successful conclusion.

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