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Regulatory Bulletin, June 2024

Bill C-59 receives royal assent bringing significant amendments to the Competition Act and affecting how companies market and promote their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint and address global climate change.

Regulatory Bulletin, May 2024

Ten years after the first application was submitted to the Canada Energy Regulator (CER), the Trans Mountain Expanded System commenced commercial operations. The pipeline has been successfully filled with crude oil at the terminal in Edmonton, Alberta, to load tankers at the Westridge Marine Terminal in Burnaby, BC.

Regulatory Bulletin, April 2024

The Government of Canada released Budget 2024: Fairness for Every Generation, which aims to attract more investment in the net-zero economy by increasing economic investment tax credits, investing in research grants to provide good jobs for younger generations, and ensuring Indigenous Peoples share in this growth.

Regulatory Bulletin, March 2024

Both the Governments of British Columbia and Saskatchewan unveiled their respective 2024-25 Budgets. British Columbia’s funding is directed towards transitioning to a low-carbon economy, while Saskatchewan’s focuses on achieving a net-zero emissions electricity grid by 2050, supporting cleantech startups, and bolstering the energy and mining sectors.

Regulatory Bulletin, February 2024

The federal government is opening consultation and engagement activities for GHG Emission Reduction Targets, Right to Healthy Environment, and Design Options for Clean Electricity.

Regulatory Bulletin, January 2024

Effective 15 April 2024, industry applicants planning projects on Treaty 8 Lands must incorporate new planning and mitigation measures outlined by the BC Energy Regulator and Treaty 8 First Nations. Proponents will be required to submit additional documentation demonstrating adherence to these measures as part of their application, and some measures may necessitate pre-application planning and investigations based on project specifics.

Regulatory Bulletin, December 2023

The Federal Government announced its regulatory framework for capping emissions in the oil and gas sector – a national cap-and-trade system that claims will set emissions limits without restricting production. The framework proposes to cap 2030 emissions at 35-38% below 2019 levels to support the government’s objective of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.

Regulatory Bulletin, November 2023

The Alberta Energy Regulator is set to implement enhancements to the OneStop application tool for Water Act applications, focusing on water licensing and reporting. These updates are slated to be in effect from February 22, 2024. Operators are strongly encouraged by the AER to submit WURS monthly and annual reports before January 31, 2024, to mitigate potential reporting issues during the system’s introduction.

Regulatory Bulletin, October 2023

The Supreme Court of Canada released its judgment in consideration of the constitutionality of the federal environmental assessment scheme under the Impact Assessment Act (IAA), enacted by Parliament in 2019. It is expected that this ruling will fundamentally alter the scope of federal assessment and decision-making over the vast majority of major projects that are located wholly within a province, such as critical minerals mines, upstream oil production (including oil sands), and pipelines.

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