Health, Safety and Environment

At Integrated Sustainability, we maintain a steadfast commitment to our clients, to the safety of our operations, and to the environment.

Our Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) programs are given the highest priority and are understood, embraced, and strictly followed by all management and employees. Through our commitment to continuous adherence and improvement, we have maintained an excellent track record of health and safety success on our projects. Our goal is to ensure that Integrated Sustainability’s operations impact the local communities and environment in a positive way, and that we comply with all federal, provincial, and jurisdictional regulations.

Employee Engagement Is Our Goal

Our employees share in the organization’s goal of minimizing all potentials for HSE loss. Clear leading-indicator metrics are defined at the start of each project and are evaluated throughout the project life cycle. Integrated Sustainability is committed to providing employees with the best equipment, training, and safe work practices to help realize an incident-free workplace. Our company shares a strong reporting culture for documenting all incidents and near misses, and we use this valuable information to implement effective corrective actions and proactive safety measures.

Safety Innovations

Our innovative safety program has set standards for the construction industry. We execute projects by:

  • Mobilizing our project staff with a modern mobile form software system, which allows for real-time digitizing all Health and Safety related documentation.
  • Offering the latest technology enabled equipment – machinery is easier to operate safely and productively.
  • Utilizing a comprehensive system of policies, procedures, guidelines, training, and practices for performing work safely.
Protecting the Environment

It is our intention to proactively work with employees of all divisions, subcontractors, customers, clients, the public, governments, and others to use natural resources in an environmentally sound manner that maintains the environmental integrity of our project sites. To ensure these goals are met, we use environmental management planning, internal documentation, and all applicable standards as guidelines to assure projects are executed successfully while protecting the environment.

Certificates, Recognition and Affiliations

Integrated Sustainability holds a Certificate of Recognition (COR), through our membership with the Alberta Association of Safety Partnerships (AASP). We have maintained our COR continuously since 2012. Integrated Sustainability also holds active accounts with Complyworks, ISNetworld, Avetta, and PEC Safety online systems.