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Surf Lakes – Engineering Design

Surf Park Water Treatment Plant Analysis & Regulatory Alignment

Project Highlights

Concurrent with detailed design of an Australian base Surf Park wave generation facility (the “Facility”), Integrated Sustainability completed the following work activities:

Desktop investigation into expected waterbody classification for several US states, including:

A detailed analysis of the most cost-effective way to circulate water from the Surf Lake, through the Water Treatment Plant, and back to the Surf Lake, the reticulation study.

Conducted a Technology Readiness review including:

ESG Project Benefits

As part of our mission to Build The Future Sustainably, we strive to ensure projects leave a positive legacy and align with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This project delivered the following Environmental, Social, and Governance benefits for our client: 

Surf Park Engineering Design & Regulatory Classification
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Surf Lakes – Engineering Design

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