Integrated Sustainability Environmental Social and Governance Report, 2022

Integrated Sustainability's Environmental, Social, Governance Report, 2022.

Welcome to our 2022 ESG report. We are proud of the ESG achievements our company has made over the last year. The report represents our dedicated drive and commitment to incorporating sustainability into our projects and operations as we focus on ‘Building the future, sustainably’.

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2022 Highlights:
A Year of Empowerment

Building Climate-Resiliency in the Caribbean

Strengthening our global reach through strategic partnerships, our acquisition of Ecohesion in the Caribbean solidifies our dedication to driving impactful change in climate-affected regions. Facilitating faster technology exchange across regions and offering comprehensive post-care support packages, our combined expertise will bolster the advancement of sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

Operating 30+ Active Water Treatment Plants
2.3 Million Gallons of Wastewater Treated Daily
Offices in 8 Caribbean Nations


As a Small & Medium Employer (SME) winner for five consecutive years, our supportive and inclusive culture embraces excellence while remaining steadfast in fostering diversity and equality across our workforce.

41% Female Representation
Bi-Annual Pay Gap Analysis


At the heart of our organization lies a commitment to education and knowledge sharing. Exemplified by projects with community outreach and capacity building opportunities and a trio of lunch and learn sessions, we offered valuable insights into pivotal climate-related topics designed to spark change and fuel innovation.

Lithium Production from Oil & Gas Wastewaters
Biogas and Renewable Natural Gas


For the second year, our team inspected water and wastewater systems for Indigenous communities in Northern B.C., identifying specific needs to enhance system efficiencies and improve community water and wastewater management operations.

33 Indigenous Communities
91 Water & Wastewater Systems Inspected


Our ESG Committee harnessed their collective expertise to refine our ESG goals and targets for 2023 and beyond, forging a clear path towards a sustainable and impactful future.

9 Targets Aligned With Our Material Topics

Paige Sholter, P.Eng.
ESG Advisor
Integrated Sustainability

CSA Mandated Climate-Disclosure Is Expected To Begin In 2025.

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