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Mine Water Management Infrastructure

Integrating Hydrology, Hydrogeology and Lined Containment Design

Undersized infrastructure – based upon limited environmental data – is challenged under today’s environmental conditions and creates a significant opportunity to improve on-site water management infrastructure design. When constructing these projects, managing multiple contractors poses a challenge in accountability and capacity to react to varied subsurface conditions.

Our water management expertise and technology-enabled construction approach offers a higher level of accountability through the application of a suite of geomatics technologies to assist with the self-performance of both engineering and construction.

Having a higher level of control also enables us to respond quickly to subsurface conditions, leading to greater transparency, quality, and cost certainty for your project:

Engineering Design & Regulatory Application Services

Water balance and quality modelling are important to establish before sizing infrastructure and help formulate a ‘prevent rather than treat’ site plan to minimize overall construction costs.

We develop probabilistic climate models for future scenario predictions that are inclusive of climate change considerations, streamflow modelling and site-wide water balance modelling, as it relates to the proposed mining facilities.

As engineers of record for over 50 lined-containment structures, we then collect a detailed view of your site and align the design to the requirements of the immediate environment.

  • Water modelling: Gold SIM, HEC Ras, MODFLOW
  • Waste Storage Areas
  • Tailings management facilities
  • Mine water discharge locations
  • Reservoirs & lined containment
  • Drainage ditches
  • Operations pad & trafficable surfaces
  • Siting assessments
  • Hydrogeological evaluations
  • Environmental assessments
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Water chemistry analysis
  • Dam failure consequence classification
  • Regulatory application management

Construction Philosophy

Effective communication across construction and engineering is critical for building the transparency required to deliver your project. Assisted by industry-leading earthworks and geospatial equipment, our team creates technology-enabled construction workflows to build clarity and clear communication channels through daily reports and instant 24/7 access to site conditions. 

We do this through a combination of industry-leading software, cloud-based data transfer/processing, global positioning systems (GPS), IoT-enabled heavy equipment, ground survey equipment, and real-time kinetic (RTK) enabled GPS unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

This workflow provides instantaneous as-built project data and can rapidly identify and respond to design issues to drive your construction schedule. 


Our engineering and construction expertise is integrated under one company.

For each project, we prepare a site-specific Quality Plan (QP). The QP will detail our approach to managing and documenting quality throughout the Project. To support the QP, we will provide our in-house quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) representatives to oversee all project quality aspects. Our office-based senior Civil and Geotechnical Engineers verify all quality-related tests, observations, and reports before issuing documentation to our clients.

Through the combination of engineering and construction expertise, we better manage risk and offer the following benefits:

  • State-of-the-art technology enables a fast response to change and reduces the likelihood of change management
  • Maintenance of open lines of communication between the field and office
  • Daily quantity and production tracking
  • Streamlined calculation and decision making
  • Detailed post-construction reporting

Prime Contractor Services

Standards and procedures are essential to safety, project performance and construction quality. We recognize that ongoing support levels vary from client to client and offer a suite of tools and processes you can choose from to supplement your project.

Health and Safety is a business fundamental for Integrated Sustainability. In 2021, we scored 96% on our COR audit, and we aim to achieve 100% safe performance through hazard identification and mitigation, education, skill training, and clear accountability concerning health and safety performance.

  • Health & Safety management
  • Supply of equipment and operators
  • Remote monitoring hardware and software
  • Sourcing and financing of heavy equipment
  • Cash & payment management
  • Technology selection for accelerated construction
  • Regulatory inspections and monitoring
  • Environmental assessments & remediation
  • Emissions tracking & ESG Reporting

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