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Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Consulting Services

Deliver meaningful sustainability for your stakeholders

As companies strive to adopt sustainable business practices, including a balance of financial, social, and environmental priorities, navigating their position in an ever-evolving world poses a considerable challenge.  

Our Sustainability and ESG advisory services not only help identify your business and operational risks and opportunities but also future-proof your organization by implementing real-world strategies that embed sustainability as a core feature.

As a leading sustainable infrastructure and professional services company, many of our ESG professionals are accredited engineers, each with multiple decades delivering sustainable innovation.

We know your challenges and work with your leadership teams to deliver sustainable results – fast.

ESG Consulting Services

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Reporting

The relevancy and prevalence of environmental, social, and governance factors continue to grow and potentially impact a company’s long-term value and success. Investors are increasingly utilizing ESG reporting to inform investment decisions, and in some cases, scrutinizing ESG as much as operational and financial factors. 

Equipped with extensive industry insights and knowledge, we partner with you to develop robust ESG strategies that go beyond compliance to resonate with stakeholders, secure investments, promote sustainable business practices, and deliver long-term value.

ESG Materiality & Benchmarking Assessments

Do you know how your ESG reporting/strategy compares to your industry peers? Have you identified your main material risks, opportunities, or priorities?

Understanding what factors are most important to your company’s ESG strategy – including stakeholder pressures, peer and industry standards, and investor needs, while identifying the material topics of most relevance, ensures your company is focusing on the most integral aspects of your ESG journey.

Climate and Sustainability-Related Financial Disclosure Reporting

Under proposed financial reporting, companies would be required to disclose the material risks to their business and their consolidated financial statements, including physical risks (such as extreme weather events) and transition risks (such as changes in regulations and market trends).

Assessment can entail various activities, such as emissions quantification, climate-related risk management, and much more.

Climate Change Consulting

To better manage your brand risk, your strategic team can prepare a thorough understanding of the potential impacts global warming will have on communities and business operations.

A multi-disciplinary approach is a pre-requisite to developing a holistic vision, and our team of experts and industry-recognized leaders have advised at all levels of governance, from the United Nations to individual nation-states, multinational corporations, and municipal communities.

We work to your unique situation and present strategies that work to both mitigate impact, and adapt to a changing world.

Reduce Emissions & Map Your Energy Transition Pathway

Equipped with a knowledgeable understanding of the ESG landscape, expertise in implementing efficient and sustainable infrastructure, in-house data management tools and carbon tracking platform, we help you cover every angle of the energy transition and prepare for a lower-carbon future. 

Whether we support you with lowering emissions, generating secondary energy sources, managing water efficiently, or improving biodiversity, all actions can contribute to your energy transition roadmap.

Social Inclusivity Studies & Impact Assessments

In order to access capital for new infrastructure projects, developers may now need to submit social impact studies as part of their permitting applications.

Our projects range from Indigenous collaboration and climate impact assessments throughout North America and abroad, right through to gender impact studies for the United Nations.

We successfully navigate applications at all levels and comfortably accommodate regulatory environments across a range of geographies and cultures.

Sustainable Corporate Governance Strategy & Consulting

Although governance is one of the three pillars of ESG – and is arguably the foundation of any good ESG strategy – companies often lack an adequate governance structure to properly provide the oversight and guidance that is needed throughout an organization.

Our experience leading sustainable infrastructure projects is built upon developing awareness of ESG challenges at a governance level. Occupying a unique position as both technology integrators and sustainability leaders reveals real-world opportunities and adds credibility to your ESG program.

Project Experience

Feature Project

Crew Energy Environmental, Social, and Governance Report

Integrated Sustainability was retained to work closely with Crew Energy’s leadership teams to develop their inaugural web-based ESG report.

Within the scope, Integrated Sustainability performed a detailed benchmarking assessment to support the development of subsequent goals and targets aligned with the client’s material topics to help progress them on their ESG journey.

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ESG Thought Leadership

Preparing for Climate and Sustainability-Related Financial Disclosure

Pending final SEC and CSA adoption, climate-related financial disclosure will become effective in 2024, with disclosure against the standards due in 2025. 

Disclosure is expected to follow the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) inaugural Sustainability Disclosure Standards, and publicly-traded companies are preparing to align with these frameworks. 

Climate-related risk disclosure will help maintain a social licence, open sales opportunities, and enable access to capital.

Find out how your organization can quickly adopt approved standards, fast-forward your disclosure experience, and implement real-world strategies to reduce environmental impacts.

ESG Technical Team

Adam Leece
M.Sc., P.Eng.

Manager, ESG & Decarbonization

Jennifer Keturakis
M.Sc., P.Eng.

VP Sustainability, Science & Consulting

Janet Joynt
M.Sc., P.Ag.

Senior Sustainability Specialist

Paige Sholter

ESG Advisor & GHG QUantification

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