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Landfill Gas Capture and Upgrade

Powering the Energy Transition

Waste is a hot commodity. As demand for renewable natural gas surges, gas captured from landfills can offer non-hazardous solid waste sites a secondary revenue source. 

We can help assess landfill gas (LFG) capture & upgrade feasibility and deliver design-build systems for landfills. Through our specialist expertise and integrated design and construction teams, we deliver repeatable, agile, holistic projects tailored specifically to design and build landfill gas capture and upgrading systems.

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Design & Regulatory Applications

Thanks to over a decade of leading waste, water, and energy infrastructure development; developers and vendors engage us to help affirm economic feasibility, develop regulatory applications, and leverage our engineering, procurement, and construction expertise to quickly sanction biomethane capture projects. Critically, you will benefit from a suite of replicable commercial designs that minimize time and resources to help you achieve a Final Investment Decision.

In addition, our experience meshing Internet of Things sensor packages, ESG reporting, and carbon credit evaluations can help further develop your project’s operational efficiencies and financial forecasting to fully realize the potential of your energy transition project.

  • Siting assessments
  • Hydrogeological evaluations
  • Environmental assessments
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Regulatory application management
  • Containment embankments
  • Subdrain control components
  • Leak detection and monitoring systems
  • Geosynthetic liner systems
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Landfill Gas Capture & Upgrading

Whether you need an owners engineer, design-build, regulatory services, permitting services, developed processes and design templates, or an individual piece of equipment; we help balance the economic and technical trade-offs between the inlet gas characteristics, upgrading approach, and equipment selection to achieve the best technical, environmental, and financial outcome with the lowest execution risk.

  • AD process definition & optimization
  • Digestate treatment and handling
  • Transformation & repurposing of biosolids
  • Pretreatment, sterilization & fermentation
  • Feedstock handling and preparation
  • Equipment sourcing and fabrication
  • Landfill gas capture and pretreatment
  • Equipment upgrading evaluation, design, and fabrication
  • RNG & LNG pipeline design and construction management
  • Land agreements & pipeline routing
  • Sulphur recovery unit design and fabrication

Water Treatment Design-Build & Commissioning

Effective communication across stakeholders, contractors, and engineering, is critical for building the transparency required to deliver your project. 

Our fully integrated equipment supply chain provides you with the required engineering design, procurement, expediting, fabrication, inspection, testing, and preparation needed for any package.

We take ownership of our water treatment approach throughout the entire project and can help share risks so that we partner in our client’s success.  

Many of our projects are delivered under a fixed cost structure and include design, build, and operate options. Additionally, you can benefit from our ability and willingness to provide financial and partnership opportunities that could help see your project to completion.  

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