Water & Wastewater

Reduce, reuse and recycle water treatment infrastructure for acute environmental challenges

Treating and recycling water for beneficial reuse

With some of the most water-scarce nations on earth, climate sensitivity in the Caribbean necessitates inventive solutions now. 

Working with our on-island teams, we design-build site-specific water treatment solutions to overcome these challenges through the recycling of water for beneficial reuse in public, and private, applications.

Play Video about Senior Minister to the Office of the President of Barbados
Play Video about Senior Minister to the Office of the President of Barbados
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A vertically-integrated approach to project services.

Offering full Advise, Design-Build, Finance and Operate services, we arbitrate the technical and regulatory landscape to provide you with practical and cost-effective options.

From increased wastewater treatment efficacy – to distillation – to the beneficial reuse of wastewater, we’re developing state-of-the-art solutions to help the region address its acute water management challenges.

Accessing funding

With new projects facing increased financial scrutiny on Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics, our solutions are designed to help you both exceed criteria, and access Green Financing.

Designed with sustainability and longevity in mind, our projects encounter less operational downtime and can help fill the intention gap between ESG targets, and on-the-ground action. 

Mia Mottely Climate Summit

Water Management Solutions

Circular water management solutions require a holistic skillset. We assist with the regulatory, engineering, procurement, construction, and operation of any water management project. 

Recreational Water and Wastewater Treatment

Our regulatory engagement experience helps create a compelling economic case for urban development; and our sustainable design-build solutions represent an opportunity to align technical and economic performance while realizing ESG benefits.

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Water Treatment Engineering

Residential Water Treatment

Working with both private and public entities, our technology solutions, design-build credentials and operations and maintenance capabilities, are leading water-conscious development throughout North America.

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Wastewater Treatment Engineers

Wastewater Treatment

As infrastructure ages and usage demand increases, municipal authorities are looking to execute wastewater treatment development and upgrade projects quickly, efficiently, and sustainably, to minimize impacts and maximize benefits for their community.

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Reclaimed Water Treatment Consultants

Reclaimed Water Treatment

As population growth accelerates, alternative water sources are filling the gap to reduce demands on existing infrastructure and reduce freshwater withdrawal from the environment.

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Water Treatment Maintenance Engineers

Operations & Maintenance

Water treatment technology is always changing. This can create a critical contingency in retaining maintenance teams who are both experienced with your infrastructure and supported by the right supply chain to execute vital upgrades.

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Water Sensing & Telemetry

Water Sensing & Surveyance Services

From understanding your water inventory, to gaining a better understanding of the condition of your infrastructure, we provide you with the right tools to efficiently collect data, and the expertise required to turn those measurements into actionable insights.

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Previous Casestudies

Each of our project profiles is structured to help you examine our previous Caribbean experience within the the context of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). We also have extensive experience within energy and waste infrastructure. If there are topics you can’t find, please contact us, as additional casestudies are available on request. 

Caribbean News, Articles & Insights

The industry is evolving fast and implementing best practices is increasingly challenging. Learn how you can benefit from next-generation technologies to drive efficiency and enable cost savings. As of September 1st, 2022, Ecohesion Inc. has become a subsidiary of Integrated Sustainability. For more information, and examples of our joint experience, please explore our joint press release. 

Who We Work With

The Honourable Dr. William Duguid - Senior Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister of Barbados

Barbados is one of the few very water scarce countries in the world […] we have very few rivers and very few lakes. So it means that fresh water is at a premium and our fresh water comes mainly from underground aquifers.

[…] Desalination will give us an opportunity to access freshwater, but because it has a high use of energy, it means that tends to be more expensive. So if you can add renewable energy to bring down that price, then we will have better or cheaper access to water.”

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Rhonda Ward - KOSCAB (Coca-Cola)

“Water scarcity has impacted on us being able to produce our product. My company sees water stewardship as very important, and part of it is to make sure that we do not impact on groundwater, so we treat all our wastewater before it goes back in the acquifer. 

Ecohesion (Integrated Sustainability) have been our partner for 12 years, so they help us treat our wastewater and use it for local produce and have made the treated wastewater available for the local community to use in their area.”

Nicky Drover - Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Barbados

With regards to my work at the [Limegrove Lifestyle] center, we use Ecohesion (Integrated Sustainability) and we do have a sewage plant. So we recycle our bathroom water and we use it for our irrigation.

We’re saving quite a bit of money from recycling our water because it’s very expensive, and it is going to become a real commodity in the future.

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Where We Operate

Caribbean Water Treatment Design-Build, Finance, and Operate Services

Antigua and Barbuda

Cayman Islands
Dominican Republic

Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Sint Maarten
Trinidad and Tobago
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