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Project Tag: Mine Water Management

Mine Water Treatment Plant – Northern B.C.

Major constituent removal was focused on selenium and metals and was designed to treat water to environmental discharge criteria. The selenium treatment system can perform up to 6,500 m3/day.

Mine Water Treatment Plant – Northwest B.C.

Feasibility level engineering design and cost estimating for a mine water treatment plant.
Major constituents for removal included copper, cadmium, iron, arsenic, and ammonia. Plant designed for peak flows

Modular Mine Water Treatment Plant

Modular Mine Water Treatment Plant

Designed modular mobile treatment packages for a remote mine in the Golden Triangle region of BC. Treatment parameters focused on:
metals & arsenic removal, Ammonia removal and
contingency selenium

Mine Water Treatment Plant – Yukon

Process selection, process engineering, and construction management for a mine water treatment plant for metals removal, and advanced polishing for selenium removal.

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