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Biogas & Renewable Natural Gas Facility Design-Build

Fueling the Energy Transition

As generational efforts are underway to de-carbonize and transition our economies, biomethane, also known as renewable natural gas (RNG), seeks to repurpose methane-generating waste to minimize emissions, improve ESG credentials, and increase the clean fuel usage in a critical aspect of our energy supply chain.

Explore how Integrated Sustainability can help your project from conception to operation:

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Renewable Natural Gas Facility Advisory & Feasibility

Thanks to over a decade of leading waste, water, and energy infrastructure development; Integrated Sustainability found itself in demand from developers and vendors to help affirm economic feasibility, develop regulatory applications, and leverage our engineering, procurement, and construction expertise to quickly sanction these projects. Critically, you will benefit from a suite of replicable commercial designs that minimize time and resources to help you achieve a Final Investment Decision.

In addition, our experience meshing Internet of Things sensor packages, ESG reporting, and carbon credit evaluations can help further develop your project’s operational efficiencies and financial forecasting to fully realize the potential of your energy transition project.

Facility Design-Build

Whether you need an owners engineer design-build, regulatory permitting services, developed processes and design templates, or an individual piece of equipment; we help balance the economic and technical trade-offs between the input waste characteristics, treatment approach, and the equipment selection, to achieve the best technical and environmental performance with the best financial outcome and lowest execution risk.

  • AD process definition & optimization
  • Digestate storage & handling
  • Transformation & repurposing of biosolids
  • Pretreatment, sterilization & fermentation
  • Feedstock handling and preparation
  • Equipment sourcing and fabrication
  • Water sourcing and containment
  • Environmental assessments
  • Wastewater treatment & management
  • Aqueous chemical modelling 
  • Landfill gas capture, pretreatment
  • Equipment upgrading evaluation, design, and fabrication
  • RNG & LNG pipeline design and construction management
  • Land agreements & pipeline routing
  • Sulphur recovery unit design and fabrication
Construction Management

Managing Construction Risk

Effective communication between contractors, procurement, and engineering is critical for building the transparency required to deliver your project. We facilitate this relationship with daily reports from our HSE management system, geomatics teams, and in-field IoT devices to provide a full view of daily site conditions and productivity during construction.

Reporting of daily drone imagery and aerial geomatics overlays is fundamental to our philosophy and serves to demonstrate transparency, improve productivity, and drive the construction schedule so that challenges are identified and rectified immediately.

Integrated Sustainability’s project delivery system customizes construction management to the risk and scale of each project. This risk-based approach ensures you of accountability and helps achieve cost certainty in project delivery.

We offer Design-Build, and EPCM and standard cost-reimbursable deliver models. Contact us to find out how our approach can help you realize the financial incentives spurring the energy transition today.

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