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Integrating the Mine Lifecycle & Water Management

Drive capital efficiency and environmental outcomes

Early mine management decisions have an outsized impact on long-term mining operations. Without accurate research and a clear plan, you can severely undermine the viability and value of your project from the outset.

Engaging us early in the mine planning process provides clients with a substantial advantage by integrating fieldwork, mine engineering, risk management, regulatory support, and water management infrastructure design-build and operate services.

The sustainable infrastructure we build together is designed to promote innovation and results in environmental and social improvements for our clients.

Mine Lifecycle Services

De-Risk Mine Development & Set Up For Success

Permitting delays resulting from inconsistent baseline data gathered during pre-planning are common challenges for mine project proponents.

Our services consolidate expertise across environmental, geotechnical, hydrology and hydrogeology, to support higher fieldwork accountability and help you accurately identify the site-specific challenges that lay the foundation for a successful permitting strategy, and effective mine development plan.

With increased transparency provided, our regulatory liaison teams can also help support your initial stakeholder liaison and regulatory engagements.

Development Planning & Permitting Pathways

A compelling final investment decision is a perennial challenge, especially for junior mining companies. Commodity volatility, investor sentiment, bond closure planning, permitting, and mine design can make arriving at a successful outcome difficult.  

Effective communication and engagement strategies, based upon credible site data (especially regarding water), are critical to successful mining projects.

Combining our expertise in mine engineering, water management, and project financing – with proven stakeholder engagement experience across multiple geographies – helps further optimize your options analysis process and ultimately support project viability. 

Drive Capital and Operational Cost Efficiency

Mine site water management infrastructure design incorporating hydrology and hydrogeology is instrumental in right-sizing water treatment facilities and driving capital and operational efficiency.

Through effective source control and water management infrastructure design, mine developers can reduce water treatment requirements and associated energy and operational costs.

Furthermore, without a vested interest in any water treatment technology, our mine water experts are free to maximize economic and technical trade-offs between the treatment approach and equipment selection.

Water Treatment Facility Maintenance and Operations

Water treatment technology is always changing. This can create a critical contingency in retaining maintenance teams who are both experienced with your infrastructure and supported by the right supply chain and technical resources to execute vital upgrades.

Our engineering, equipment supply, and fabrication capabilities complement our operations and maintenance teams to provide a hands-off and worry-free customer experience.

With experience in different operating environments, plus multi-disciplinary expertise with water planning and security in water-scarce regions, we have a breadth of skills to upgrade your facilities and deliver ongoing operational performance for your water infrastructure.

Proven Systems For Mine Water Quality Challenges

Metal & Metalloid Removal

Nitrogen Species & Cyanide Removal

Sulphate Removal

Project Experience

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Passive Closure Mine Reclamation in British Columbia

Integrated Sustainability was retained as prime contractor accountable for Project Management, Construction Management, Civil Earthworks, Survey and geomatics QA/QC, and Post Construction Services. The mine site required dewatering of approximately 61,000m3 of water and a 0.3-metre thick earthen cover. Monitoring of discharge rates and TSS was required to ensure regulatory compliance.

With the site spanning over a kilometre in length in a remote location, Integrated Sustainability incorporated an innovative blend of geomatics, drone surveys, site management, and technology-enabled equipment to enable closer construction management.

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Integrated in the News

Leveraging B.C.'s Technology-Readiness Levels Permit for Mine Water Management

The implementation of technology readiness levels (TRLs) for major mine projects in British Columbia is bringing clarity and opportunity to the deployment of water treatment technologies and source control mitigation strategies.

The emergence of hybrid technologies, also known as semi-passive or enhanced passive treatment, holds the potential to accelerate the maturation of technologies required for closure and/or with a lower carbon footprint across the TRL scale.

These hybrid approaches offer promising solutions that can expedite developing and implementing innovative technologies in the water treatment sector.

Mine Water Technical Team

AJ MacDonald
M.Sc., P.Eng.

Vice President

Jennifer Keturakis
M.Sc., P.Eng.

Vice President
Sustainability, Science & Consulting

Mohammed Awad
BE, P.Eng.

Technical Director
Process Engineering

Ian Grant
M.Sc., P.Geo.

Water Resources

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