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Water Sensing & Surveyance Services

Understanding Water Data

Managing repetitive in-field surveying has fast been replaced with drone surveying, remote telemetry, and data modelling. Utilizing the latest in sonar, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and remote telemetry IoT connectivity, we deliver unmatched clarity on your underwater and surface water measurement data.

From understanding your water inventory, to gaining a better understanding of the condition of your infrastructure, we provide you with the right tools to efficiently collect data, and the expertise required to turn those measurements into actionable insights.

This page is specific to water sensing and surveyance technology, please explore our Water Resources services for hydrotechnical services and water assessments.   

Water Surveyance Services

Rather than seeing water measurement technology as a project afterthought, we make it a fundamental piece of intellectual property assigned to your infrastructure. Using the best tools that integrate and automate workflows for each job, we build a digital twin of your infrastructure to increase data measurement and collection efficiency and improve cost certainty.

  • Borrow pit volumes
  • Canal, pond, and waterbody volumes
  • Lake, river, creek, and crossing profiles
  • Tailings pond profiles
  • Infrastructure condition assessments
  • Sediment and flood mapping

Operation Optimization with Remote Water Sensing & Telemetry

Cut costs and increase efficiency by eliminating the repeated manual meter and sensor readings from remote sites. With cloud-based, you’ll have 24/7 access to your telemetry readings and an agile water management platform for ever-evolving logistics, contractual, and regulatory business needs.

  • Flow Rate, temperature, pressure
  • Ultrasonic level meters
  • Magnetic flowmeters
  • Site weather stations
  • Water quality measurement (Dissolved Oxygen, pH, etc.)
  • Communication via Cell with Satellite backup
  • Battery or DC Powered
  • Small, compact unit casing with virtually no infrastructure required
  • 3 – 11 Digital ports
  • 5 – 13 Analogue ports
  • MODBUS connectivity
  • SCADA, SDI12, I2C, HART, Pulse & UART compatible

Management and Reporting

To support you with our technology-enabled workflows and improve onsite visibility, we also provide systems integration and installation assistance with our remote telemetry.  

Our customizable monitoring and siting packages are supported by data visualization and reporting software that helps you pinpoint infrastructure performance and further de-risk your project.

  • 24/7 cloud-based connectivity
  • SMS & email alerts
  • Self-service data dashboard
  • Custom reporting
  • Personnel training
  • Monitoring program software
  • Monitoring software installation & support
  • Integrated Data Management System
  • Data Analytics and Visualization Packages
  • Engineering and Regulatory Siting Tools
  • Regulatory Assessments & Evaluations

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    Water Sensing & Surveyance Services

    Water Resources Development

    Appraisal and installation of large-scale industrial water source(s) for hydraulic fracturing and camp water supply for unconventional gas development in NE BC.

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