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Alberta Water Use – How Does Your Company Measure Up?

Download InSolutions’ briefing on the Alberta Energy Regulator’s plans to release water usage data early in 2018.

The AER has indicated that they are preparing to release their database for upstream oil and gas water use in early 2018. Investors, stakeholders and competitors all have an interest in finding out what differentiates the top performers from those more challenged with water use intensity.

This position paper:

  • Unravels the issues : What information is being released and what does this say about your corporate water management?
  • Examines the subsequent risks: Where do you stand relative to your competition? Are you prepared to tell your story?

Author: Dr. Jon Fennell
VP, Water Security & Climate Resiliency
Integrated Sustainability

Water Testing Experts

Water Resource Assessments

With climate variability continuing to impact water resources and operational integrity, water resource evaluations are more important than ever.

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Develop a Water Security Management Plan (WSMP) with the goal of ensuring available source(s) of water to support future operations. The WSMP was also tasked with identifying suitable water disposal options, and ensuring the long-term viability and reliability of water sources and disposal zones.

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