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Water Resources Development

The Challenge

Appraisal and installation of large-scale industrial water source(s) for hydraulic fracturing and camp water supply for an unconventional  gas development in NE BC.

Two Specific sources were targeted: deep groundwater sourcing ranging from 200m to 600m below surface, and feasibility of a river bank filtration system water intake in a significant northern river.

The project execution required remote operations, including barge an helicopter logistics, and execution as Prime Contractor.

The Result

Integrated Sustainability was responsible for the Prime Contact execution of the ~$5.4M contract for deep groundwater sourcing and appraisal including:

  • Execution of a procurement driven cost reduction process finding ~20% (~$1.0M) reduction from original $6.4M budget.
  • Prime Contract Execution of the 24hr drilling ad testing program for the Groundwater Appraisal including full technical and regulatory execution, Project and Site Management, HSE Management , Procurement, and Project  Controls for the 24hr drilling and testing operation.
  • Advancement, installation, and aquifer testing of three appraisal wells completed in the Dunvegan Formation, ranging from a total depth of 250m to 625m.
  • Installation, testing, and regulatory reporting for a water supply well and a water source well according to the applicable BC Ministry of Environment and BC Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) Supplementary Information for Water Source Wells (2015).
  • Delivery of the program on budget and on schedule.

Integrated Sustainability executed lead contractor responsibilities for the $700k river bank filtration feasibility program including:

  • Installation of a testing wellfield for the RBF intake system through a barge an helicopter access program on schedule. 
  • Subsequent proof of concept of a 20,000 m3/day RBF water intake system

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