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Regulatory Inspections and Monitoring

Monitoring and Managing Risk

Resource operations must comply with license-to-operate requirements to maintain compliance. Failure to meet standards can jeopardize business operations and put your organization at risk.

To reduce this risk and maintain operational integrity, we provide you with an experienced team familiar with your operational environment, and digital integration tools to efficiently monitor your environmental parameters and manage your resource usage.

Modern Data Collection

You first need a monitoring partner who is fully cognizant of the ever-evolving regulatory landscape. Many of our team members sit on prominent advisory bodies and we know the process requirements thoroughly.

We complement this team with cost-efficient data collection and reporting to minimize unnecessary delays and liabilities. Remote sensors and data integration can play a cost-reducing role and help establish repeatability to monitor for data variances, improve your operational efficiency and identify potential compliance concerns before they arise.

  • Groundwater quality monitoring
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Soil quality monitoring
  • Soil gas monitoring
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Aquatic habitat assessment
  • Vegetation assessments and monitoring
  • Wetland delineation and classification
  • Erosion assessments and monitoring
  • Dam safety inspections
  • Borrow pit compliance
  • Emergency readiness inspections
  • Bird and wildlife sweeps
  • Environmental monitoring (EM) for construction
  • Assurance and auditing
  • Emissions tracking & monitoring
  • IOGC environmental monitoring

Additional Regulatory Support

Regulatory applications and permitting is often one of the greatest risks to project schedule. By engaging us in the early stages of your project, we help you anticipate and address application challenges.

Successful regulatory applications are often intertwined with feasibility and environmental assessments, stakeholder management, and proactive engagement with regulators. The services listed below can help develop a holistic view of your application. Follow the links to discover more.

Automated Regulatory Monitoring

In Western Canada, costs incurred from in-situ monitoring and compliance requirements can now be reduced with automated regulatory reporting. Using our telemetry units, back-end information architecture, and expert knowledge of the regulatory process, you can:

  • Save time and resources on lengthy assessments & applications
  • Reduce application/inspection errors and standardize reporting
  • Constant resource monitoring for maximum operational uptime
  • Align with ESG reporting software

This revolutionary service is now ready for deployment and has been approved by the regulator. Contact us today to learn more and reduce your compliance costs.

ESG Reporting Consultants

ESG Support Services

Now more than ever, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities must be considered at an early stage in project development. Several jurisdictions have already mandated climate disclosure, and it is anticipated to come into effect in Canada and the United States as early as 2023.

There also continues to be momentum in standardized global sustainability reporting that will have an impact on all industries. We are proactively monitoring the regulatory and reporting landscape so that your company provides ESG reporting that is comprehensive and accurate while ensuring it meets the most current regulations and standards. 

We offer a comprehensive range of ESG services in support of your regulatory journey.

  • ESG materiality assessments & benchmarking
  • Climate change consulting
  • ESG reporting & compliance
  • Insurance, financing, and carbon credits
  • Social inclusivity studies
  • Opportunities in the energy transition
  • Corporate governance advisory

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Have questions?

Talk to a sustainability specialist today.

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