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Geothermal Technical Services

Optimized Geothermal Operations

Geothermal power facilities often contend with corrosive water and mineral deposits from deep formations. We help you predict and monitor the makeup of your waters to mitigate impacts your operations.

We can also help assist with feasibility studies and complete life cycle assessments (LCA) to best define potential environmental impacts and net benefits. LCA assessments consider impacts through production, usage, and disposal, and reduce capital costs, drilling risk, and operational expenditure.

Water Monitoring & Modelling

Aqueous chemical modelling helps identify risk to operations from silica and mineral deposition at various process points, including the turbine and re-injection.

Using chemical modelling software we simulate electrolytes based on a predictive thermodynamic framework. Equations in the framework calculate the physical and chemical properties of multi-phase aqueous-based systems, as well as the speciation of the various compounds across phases.

In addition, our hydrology, environmental, and regulatory teams, can define and present potential environmental impacts and net benefits; draw a baseline projection of soil, air contaminants, water, and greenhouse gases; and assist with a wide range of environmental monitoring services to help you comply with your license-to-operate parameters.

  • Aqueous chemical modelling
  • Groundwater quality monitoring
  • Regulatory licensing and grant applications
  • Water desalination
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Soil quality monitoring
  • Soil gas monitoring
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Aquatic habitat assessment
  • Vegetation assessments and monitoring
  • Erosion assessments and monitoring
  • Emergency readiness inspections
  • Bird and wildlife sweeps
  • Emissions tracking & monitoring
  • IOGC environmental monitoring

Well Pad Design and Construction

Camp and Well pad design and construction are often managed by multiple stakeholders, resulting in challenges related to accountability and quick response to varied and unexpected conditions.

We offer our customers a higher level of accountability by self-performing both the engineering and construction work and applying a suite of leading geomatics technologies. Having a higher level of control during construction also enables us to quickly respond to varied subsurface conditions, leading to greater transparency, quality, and cost certainty for your project.

  • Siting assessments
  • Operations pad & trafficable surfaces
  • Subdrain control details
  • Access roads
  • Site modelling and grading
  • Surface water management

Remote Sensing and Data Management

Water conditions are highly temperamental and require constant monitoring to optimize production and maintain regulatory compliance.

To provide you with the information you need, we work with you to create a mesh of in-field assessments, IoT-enabled devices, and data management tools to provide real-time visualization of your environmental conditions.

We are also pleased to announce an Automated Regulatory Reporting service for water usage in some jurisdictions.

  • Remote monitoring program software
  • Remote monitoring hardware
  • Technology-enabled workflows
  • Personnel training
  • Geographic information systems (GIS) software
  • Traditional & spatial data analysis
  • IDMS Data framework
  • Web-based solutions
  • Real-time data access
  • Strategic Action Planning
ESG Reporting Consultants

ESG Support Services

Now more than ever, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities must be considered at an early stage in project development. Several jurisdictions have already mandated climate disclosure, and it is anticipated to come into effect in Canada and the United States as early as 2023.

There also continues to be momentum in standardized global sustainability reporting that will have an impact on all industries. We are proactively monitoring the regulatory and reporting landscape so that your company provides ESG reporting that is comprehensive and accurate while ensuring it meets the most current regulations and standards. 

We offer a comprehensive range of ESG services in support of your regulatory journey.

  • ESG materiality assessments & benchmarking
  • Climate change consulting
  • ESG reporting & compliance
  • Insurance, financing, and carbon credits
  • Social inclusivity studies
  • Opportunities in the energy transition
  • Corporate governance advisory

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    Project casestudies for
    Geothermal Technical Services

    Groundwater Monitoring Programs

    Develop a Groundwater Monitoring Program to align with site-specific constraints and client-specific operational criteria and optimize a solution that meets regulatory compliance and achieves project objectives.

    Groundwater Evaluation

    Integrated Sustainability was asked to complete the requirements for a licence for groundwater supply wells to provide up to 205 m3/day to support the development of a new sub-division within the Summer Village of Norglenwold, Alberta.

    Articles & Insights

    Water Bulletin, Summer 2022

    Will Your Operations Be Impacted? Drought Conditions Present | Streamflow Monitoring is Critical Despite higher than average rainfall for most of the province this year,

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    Assessments, Evaluations, & Feasibility Studies

    When planning new capital projects or the retirement of existing assets, assessing the economic, environmental, and social landscape is necessary for project development, engineering design, estimating, and regulatory applications.

    Regulatory Inspections and Monitoring

    Resource operations must comply with license-to-operate requirements to maintain compliance. Failure to meet standards can jeopardize business operations and put your organization at risk.

    Compliance Management & Reporting

    Regulatory engagement doesn’t stop once project construction is complete. Ongoing engagement, assessments, monitoring, and reporting are all part of navigating compliance requirements and maintaining good standing.

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