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Compliance Management & Reporting

Proactive Compliance Strategies

Regulatory engagement doesn’t stop once project construction is complete. Ongoing engagement, assessments, monitoring, and reporting are all part of navigating compliance requirements and maintaining good standing.

You need a proactive team who understands your business operations and regulatory frameworks. We liaise with your team and the regulators to identify regulatory risks and help develop solutions. Our team of regulatory experts, comprised of many former members of regulatory agencies, have the skills you need to keep your business operations in good standing.

Guiding new technologies and reporting processes through the regulatory landscape has helped us establish progressive working relationships with regulators in multiple jurisdictions across North America.

Regulatory Liaison & Community Engagement

We know the tools, processes, and expectations of regulatory agencies, and are comfortable reviewing and implementing compliance requirements specific to your business needs. 

Many of our team members also sit on prominent advisory bodies and this unique perspective offers you an experienced perspective on the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

  • Regulatory reporting associated with all approvals
  • Non-compliance disclosures
  • Compliance & reporting strategy development
  • Environmental monitoring plan development & execution
  • Inspections & auditing
  • Regulator engagement

Additional Regulatory Support

Regulatory applications and permitting is often one of the greatest risks to project schedule. By engaging us in the early stages of your project, we help you anticipate and address application challenges.

Successful regulatory applications are often intertwined with feasibility and environmental assessments, stakeholder management, and proactive engagement with regulators. The services listed below can help develop a holistic view of your application. Follow the links to discover more.

Automated Regulatory Monitoring

In Western Canada, costs incurred from in-situ monitoring and compliance requirements can now be reduced with automated regulatory reporting. Using our telemetry units, back-end information architecture, and expert knowledge of the regulatory process, you can:

  • Save time and resources on lengthy assessments & applications
  • Reduce application/inspection errors and standardize reporting
  • Constant resource monitoring for maximum operational uptime
  • Align with ESG reporting software

This revolutionary service is now ready for deployment and has been approved by the regulator. Contact us today to learn more and reduce your compliance costs.

ESG Reporting Consultants

ESG Support Services

Now more than ever, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities must be considered at an early stage in project development. Several jurisdictions have already mandated climate disclosure, and it is anticipated to come into effect in Canada and the United States as early as 2023.

There also continues to be momentum in standardized global sustainability reporting that will have an impact on all industries. We are proactively monitoring the regulatory and reporting landscape so that your company provides ESG reporting that is comprehensive and accurate while ensuring it meets the most current regulations and standards. 

We offer a comprehensive range of ESG services in support of your regulatory journey.

  • ESG materiality assessments & benchmarking
  • Climate change consulting
  • ESG reporting & compliance
  • Insurance, financing, and carbon credits
  • Social inclusivity studies
  • Opportunities in the energy transition
  • Corporate governance advisory

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