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Produced Water Treatment & Recycling Systems

Maximize Operational Uptime

Freshwater use, disposal well investment, and water movement logistics represent a significant cost to the energy industry, as well as an environmental challenge.

By simply treating flowback and produced water to a reusable standard, the industry can reduce disposal and transportation costs, and reduce the freshwater withdrawal liability.

Our cost-efficient, repeatable, and optimized clean brine recycling systems reduce your operational expenditure and maximize uptime. We have designed and built many of these systems in both the Montney and Permian Basin shale plays.

Produced Water Recycling System Design

A produced water recycle-and-reuse system can offer a significant number of net positives to capital and operational costs:

  • Limits freshwater withdrawal and associated infrastructure
  • Increased water reliability, and less susceptibility to environmental fluctuations
  • Recycled water can be used across watershed boundaries

We have developed simple and straightforward produced water reuse designs for different shale basins in North America. Our expert knowledge of aqueous chemical modelling, the North American oil-producing regions, technologies, regulators, and geological formations, provides you with a well-positioned team, familiar with the operational requirements and physical settings.

We are the largest single producer of water recycling facilities for the Canadian Shale market and have both the technical and regulatory expertise to deliver a competitive produced water recycling system.  

  • Regulatory applications
  • Aqueous chemical modelling
  • Engineering design
  • Emissions tracking & ESG Reporting

Equipment Supply & Commissioning

The small footprint and operational flexibility minimize impact and make operation easy. Our fully integrated supply chain provides the required engineering design, procurement, expediting, fabrication, inspection, testing, and preparation for any package.

  • Design and equipment supply
  • Equipment fabrication
  • Installation
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Commissioning
  • Turnover Package

We take ownership of our water treatment processes throughout each project and will consider several commercial models to best align with our client’s success. 

Many of our projects are delivered under a fixed cost structure and include design, build, operate, and finance options that help see your project to completion. We also assist with grant applications and carbon credit generation information to further improve project economics.

Regulatory, Operation & Maintenance Support Services

We recognize that ongoing support levels vary from client to client and offer a suite of tools and processes to help you evaluate operating conditions, analyze operating results, maintain compliance and optimize your system.

  • Operations & maintenance services
  • Monitoring hardware installation & support
  • Monitoring program software & dashboard
  • Operator training
  • Aqueous chemical modelling
  • Regulatory inspection services
  • Regulatory permitting & compliance monitoring
  • Water tracking & ESG reporting

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