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Social Inclusivity & Impact Assessments

Conscientious Development Solutions

In order to access capital for new infrastructure projects, developers may now need to submit social impact studies as part of their permitting applications.

Equipped with our team of subject matter experts, we help conduct holistic social impact assessments to identify challenges and risks within your project scope. As scientists, engineers of record and sustainability experts, our understanding of the challenges you face is well understood, and we can also assist with the design and implementation of solutions.

Our projects range from Indigenous collaboration and climate impact assessments throughout North America and abroad, right through to gender impact studies for the United Nations. We successfully navigate applications at all levels and comfortably accommodate regulatory environments across a range of geographies and cultures.

Balancing ESG Challenges

Sustainable infrastructure development can demonstrate positive social benefits that help address a range of contemporary challenges, such as climate vulnerability, gender equality/empowerment, and educational equality. By detailing these benefits through social impact studies, we can provide context for capital allocation, and assist with stakeholder engagement during the development of our projects.

Our team of experts typically begin a social impact assessment by identifying the stakeholders impacted by our project and organizing stakeholder engagement meetings, or workshops, to introduce the project and better understand what the stakeholders’ concerns might be. As the project develops, we continue to consult with stakeholders to ensure we have an ongoing understanding of their needs and concerns and incorporate solutions into the overall project.

Our services democratize spatial development in alignment with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to deliver value throughout the infrastructure life cycle and create long-term sustainability for stakeholders:

  • Baseline assessments
  • Gender impact analysis
  • Vulnerability/needs assessments
  • Blue economy policy framework development
  • Economic impact studies
  • Climate resiliency planning
  • National adaptation planning
  • Education resource development
  • Tourism impact assessments
ESG Reporting Consultants

ESG Reporting Services

The relevancy and prevalence of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors continue to grow and potentially impact a company’s long-term value and success. Investors are increasingly utilizing ESG reporting to inform investment decisions, and in some cases, they are scrutinizing ESG as much as operational and financial factors.

Equipped with extensive industry insights and knowledge, we partner with our clients to develop robust ESG strategies that go beyond compliance to resonate with stakeholders, secure investments, promote sustainable business practices, and deliver long-term value to our clients.

  • Benchmarking
  • Materiality Assessments
  • Goals and Target Setting
  • ESG Data Analysis
  • Educational Workshops
  • Social Impact Studies
  • GHG Emissions and Reduction Strategies
  • Decarbonization Roadmaps

Supporting ESG Services

ESG reporting is amplified when your organization can demonstrate a consistent and integrated approach to your ESG strategy. The following services develop quantitative and qualitative touchpoints to support your next project and help ensure ESG is built into your culture, business plans and long-term strategy.

  • ESG educational workshops
  • Ratings assessment
  • TCFD scenario analysis
  • Social impact studies
  • Environmental protection assessments
  • Risk assessments & estimating
  • Carbon credit appraisals
  • Climate change advisory
  • Energy transition consultation
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Remote data tracking

Actioning Your ESG Goals

With clients predominantly in the natural resource sector, we thoroughly understand the industry’s prevalent ESG and economic issues. Our experience delivering sustainable business practices and commercializing leading-edge innovation can help you realize your pathway to a lower-carbon future. 

Whether we support you with managing water efficiently, lowering emissions, reducing environmental impact, or developing social improvement plans, all actions can contribute to your ESG strategy and energy transition roadmap.

  • Low Thermal Distillation
  • Biogas & Biomethane
  • Pumped Hydro Storage
  • Produced water recycling
  • Mineral Extraction
  • Geothermal support
  • Water repurposing
  • Wetland carbon sinks
  • Passive water treatment
  • Bio-char utilization

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