About Integrated Sustainability

Delivering meaningful sustainability for your stakeholders

Integrated Sustainability provides best-in-class sustainable infrastructure engineering and consulting solutions to the water, waste and energy challenges that face the world today.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of specialists and innovators with fit-for-purpose systems, tools, and experience to deliver full turnkey solutions. 

Our goal is to bring innovation in project execution and an unprecedented sense of accountability for quality, cost, and schedule.

We do all this with a conscientious company character built on an ethos of fun, teamwork, and determination – to build a cleaner, more equitable future for all.

Sustainability at the
HEART of all we do

Our purpose is directly linked to our people and protecting the resources surrounding us. Paramount to this is a culture of teamwork, engagement, empowerment, and the prioritization of physical and psychological safety.

These values are critical to our shared success. 

We always remain determined in the pursuit of a cleaner future. We are the alternative to the status quo. 

We are all empowered to be leaders. To calculate risk, realize opportunity, and help our clients achieve success in the future economy.

We deliver on our promises and improve environmental outcomes.

The world needs sustainable infrastructure solutions, now. To drive efficiency at speed, we must create with flexibility in the face of contemporary risk, challenges, and change.

We are rewarded together by embracing shared responsibility, working alongside our colleagues and communities to achieve our common goals.

Our projects result in ESG benefits for your stakeholders

We integrate sustainability principles that bring real environmental benefits including lower emissions, less freshwater use, and reduced waste generation. We have a history of innovation that has brought about change to industry norms.

Our passion for improved water reuse drives us to work with industry to provide thought leadership on multi-industry collaboration, operational best practices, and technology innovation. We have a portfolio of progressive sustainability focused projects that have been developed by our team.

Enable your vision

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Partner with us in building the future, sustainably. Your vision is exactly what’s needed to deliver meaningful change. 

Build a career

Design a sustainable career with like-minded professionals. Join a world-leading team and help build a better tomorrow.