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Civil Construction Earthworks

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Utilize our IoT-integrated equipment, drone technology, and enhanced construction processes to achieve greater cost certainty for your next project. 

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Construction Services

Engineering, procurement, and construction services for gas pipelines to pumped hydro reservoirs, mining remediation, construction permitting and licensing, and much more.

Pumped Hydro Storage Reservoirs

Pumped-Hydro storage projects are complex. They require vast reservoirs, and when multiple contractors manage construction, challenges may arise related to accountability and timely response to unexpected subsurface conditions. We alleviate you of this task so that you can focus on the core aspects of your project.

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Freshwater Storage Reservoirs

A higher level of control during construction enables us to quickly respond to varied subsurface conditions, leading to greater transparency, quality, and cost certainty for your project.

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Lined Containment Engineered Ponds

Lined Containment Structures

Reservoir, pond, landfill, and other lined containment design and construction projects are often managed by multiple stakeholders, resulting in challenges related to accountability.

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Remedial Construction

Decommissioned site facilities and earthwork structures sometimes result in environmentally impacted soil and riparian areas. To use the site safely, and avoid further regulatory challenges, these sites must be remediated by a thorough and efficient team.

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Geomatics & Ground Surveyance Services

Using the latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Real-time Kinematic (RTK & PPK) technologies brings value-added intelligence to projects during both design and construction phases, but especially for monitoring Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC).

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Aerial Surveying & Geomatics

Aerial Surveying

Integrating the latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), we provide a low-cost, accurate, and fast service to enable technology-assisted workflows from siting and design to maintenance and operation.

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Reservoir Data Geomatics

Site Data Integration & Visualization

Working with industry leaders to connect remote sensors, and automate drone and scan data processing, we integrate with data visualization tools to generate actionable insights across the project lifecycle: from siting and design, right through to regulatory permitting applications and commissioning.

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Previous Construction Projects

Our sustainable infrastructure expertise has been sought for over 200 civil engineering projects throughout the Western Hemisphere. Learn how we’ve applied our regulatory expertise and construction excellence to improve lives and habitats across a wide variety of jurisdictions and ecological environments.   

Construction Articles & Insights

The construction industry is evolving fast and implmenting best practice is increasingly challenging. Learn how you can benefit from next-generation technologies to drive fleet efficiency and enable cost savings.

De-risk Development

We also provide a suite of backroom engineering, design, regulatory, and procurement services to support and de-risk your development opportunity

Regulatory Applications & Permitting

Through our experience developing progressive infrastructure solutions with resource regulators across North America, we provide a unique insight into the legislative landscape and the experience to manage regulatory liaisons to a successful conclusion.

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Compliance Management & Reporting

Regulatory engagement doesn’t stop once project construction is complete. Ongoing engagement, assessments, monitoring, and reporting are all part of navigating compliance requirements and maintaining good standing.

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