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Regulatory Bulletin, October 2023

The Supreme Court of Canada released its judgment in consideration of the constitutionality of the federal environmental assessment scheme under the Impact Assessment Act (IAA), enacted by Parliament in 2019. It is expected that this ruling will fundamentally alter the scope of federal assessment and decision-making over the vast majority of major projects that are located wholly within a province, such as critical minerals mines, upstream oil production (including oil sands), and pipelines.

Water Bulletin, Fall 2023

Water Availability Forecast for Fall 2023 / Winter 2024 Will Your Operations Be Impacted? After a devastating summer season of drought and wildfires, we are now transitioning into the cooler and traditionally wetter fall and winter seasons, which should bring

Regulatory Bulletin, September 2023

Canada pledged to surpass its methane emission reduction target in the oil and gas sector, aiming for a reduction of at least 75% from 2012 levels by 2030. However, this commitment raised concerns from the Alberta Minister of Environment and Protected Areas, who questioned the constitutionality of such a policy that could significantly impact the oil and gas industry without sufficient consultation.

Regulatory Bulletin, August 2023

The Federal government released the Draft Clean Electricity Regulations to support developing a clean electricity grid with the goal of achieving economy-wide, net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The draft regulation is designed to push Canada’s electricity system to use cleaner sources faster and at a greater volume than would be expected without the regulation.

Regulatory Bulletin, July 2023

The province of British Columbia released a statement announcing that two-thirds of provincial river basins are in drought level 4 or 5, urging water conservation practices across the province. BC Energy Regulator has taken measures to expand water suspensions to multiple watersheds, and more protection orders to water licensees may be imminent if drought conditions worsen.

Regulatory Bulletin, June 2023

The British Columbia Energy Regulator has suspended Water diversions from northern BC watersheds just 24 days after initially lifting restrictions. Find out more in May’s Regulatory Bulletin coverage.

Regulatory Bulletin, May 2023

The British Columbia Energy Regulator has suspended Water diversions from northern BC watersheds just 24 days after initially lifting restrictions. Find out more in May’s Regulatory Bulletin coverage.

Energy and Natural Resources Regulatory Bulletin April 23
Regulatory Bulletin, April 2023

Alberta’s second annual progress report on methane reductions has revealed a 44% reduction in methane emissions between 2014 and 2021 – placing it firmly on track to surpass a 2025 emissions reduction target ahead of schedule.