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Mine Water Treatment Plant – Northern B.C.

Project Execution


  • Major constituent removal was focused on selenium and metals and was designed to treat water to environmental discharge criteria
  • The selenium treatment system can perform up to 6,500 m3/day
  • The metals remove system can perform up to 16,000 m3/day
  • Major Process Equipment:
    • Chemical Injection Skid with 5 main reagents
    • Multi Media Filtration
    • Ion Exchange Unit + Electro Reduction Unit
    • Process Tanks
    • Clarification Unit
    • Filter Press (Sludge Dewatering)
  • Integrated Sustainability provided discipline engineering including plant layout optimization and piping design to maximize performance while reducing footprint and cost
  • Delivered with BQE Water (BQE ion exchange / electro reduction technology developer)

ESG Project Benefits:

  • Sustainable management of water by treating water to meet environmental discharge criteria
  • Design optimization using innovative solutions
  • Minimize land disturbance
  • Responsible water consumption through the re-introduction of water into the environment
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Mine Water Treatment Plant – Northern B.C.

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