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Leveraging B.C.’s New Technology Readiness Levels Permit for Mine Water Management

A pathway to deploy innovative mine water technology

The implementation of technology readiness levels (TRLs) for major mine projects in British Columbia is bringing clarity and opportunity to the deployment of water treatment technologies and source control mitigation strategies.

The emergence of hybrid technologies, also known as semi-passive or enhanced passive treatment, holds the potential to accelerate the maturation of technologies required for closure and/or with a lower carbon footprint across the TRL scale.

These hybrid approaches offer promising solutions that can expedite developing and implementing innovative technologies in the water treatment sector.

First published in partnership with Maven Water and Environment in the Canadian Mining Journal, June 1st, 2023.

Jeff Coombes
Manager, Strategic Development – Pacific
Integrated Sustainability

Regulatory Applications & Permitting

Through our experience developing progressive infrastructure solutions with resource regulators across North America, we provide a unique insight into the legislative landscape and the experience to manage regulatory liaisons to a successful conclusion.

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