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Barbados’ Climate Resiliency Future: EU Backs Innovative Infrastructure Upgrade

Announcement of the South Coast Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade funding brings exciting opportunities for local infrastructure experts.

Early in November, 2023, the European Union (EU) made a significant announcement regarding their commitment to upgrading Barbados’ climate-resilient infrastructure for clean water. This aligns seamlessly with the Global Gateway investment agenda, which was initially presented at the EU-CELAC Summit in July.

The focal point of this initiative is a ‘debt-for-climate swap,’ designed to secure essential funding for the upgrade of the Barbados South Coast Sewage Treatment Plant (SCSTP).

The planned upgrade of the SCSTP to tertiary treatment — the highest level of treatment — and incorporating reverse osmosis to enable the reuse of treated reclaimed water for non-potable (non-drinking) purposes is a substantial step forward in Barbados’ pursuit to counteract the impacts of climate change.

This initiative will play a crucial role in alleviating chronic water shortages and enhancing the efficiency of wastewater systems on the island.

First published in Business Barbados, November 29th 2023.

Sam Neilands
Director of Business Development, Caribbean
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