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Produced Water Hub

The Challenge

The client requested that Integrated Sustainability transform an existing borrow pit into a Lined Water Storage Pond/Water Hub in northeast British Columbia. The Pond will be used to store a combination of hydraulic fracturing fluid (flowback) and make-up source water, which could include saline groundwater, freshwater, or a combination of the two.

The Result

Integrated Sustainability completed a geotechnical investigation to confirm site suitability, and then developed the preliminary design for regulatory submission. Detail Issued for Construction designs for the Pond were developed and delivered subsequent to regulatory approval.

Integrated Sustainability designed, installed and commissioned leak detection, groundwater removal systems, truck-in and truck-out systems, and outtake system caisson. Design and procurement driven cost estimations were completed for the pumping outtake system and pipeline tie in, to be commission at later phases of asset development. Integrated Sustainability further successfully carrying out Quality Assurance/Quality Control during construction.

ESG Project Benefits:

  • Sustainable water management by promoting produced water recycling and re-use
  • Building resilient infrastructure with innovative solutions
  • Permanent centralized infrastructure limits trucking and associated air emissions

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