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Hydrogen Sulphide/Mercaptan Scavenger Package Design and Build

The Challenge

Integrated Sustainability’s client required 90% removal or the total sulphur content (hydrogen sulphide and light mercaptans) from the sour produced gas at their SAGD facility to comply with ERCB directive 060 (Upstream Petroleum Industry Flaring, Incinerating, and Venting). The client required an accelerated schedule to meet the start-up date for their SADG facility.

The Result

With the design conditions put forward by our client, Integrated Sustainability designed and built two of the largest hydrogen sulphide scavenging skid packages in Alberta. Each skid can treat up to 10,000 ppm of total sulphur content. The skid is capable of scavenging the hydrogen sulphide down to 0 ppm and removing greater than 90% of the total inlet sulphur content through the use of a non-regenerative scavenger chemical. The resulting sweet gas is sent to the client’s fuel gas system. Integrated Sustainability was able to leverage their past experience in hydrogen sulphide scavenging skid packages to exceed our client’s expectations by completing the project ahead of the accelerated start-up deadline and within budget.

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Nine H2S Scavenger Packages

Design-build turnkey delivery of nine H2S scavenging skids, including two of the largest H2S scavenging skid packages in Alberta.

Produced Water Hub

The client requested that Integrated Sustainability transform an existing borrow pit into a Lined Water Storage Pond/Water Hub in northeast British Columbia. The Pond will be used to store a combination of hydraulic fracturing fluid (flowback) and make-up source water, which could include saline groundwater, freshwater, or a combination of the two.

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