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Project Tag: Water Analysis

Surf Parks Engineering Design and Regulatory Advisory Consultants

Surf Lakes – Engineering Design

Surf Lakes waterbody classification analysis and detailed water treatment reticulation study concurrent with detailed design of an Australian base Surf Park wave generation facility.

SAGD Water Security Assessment & Planning

The client requested that Integrated Sustainability conduct a water risk assessment that included the evaluation of source water, water use, and associated water-related risks in relation to its operations

Cogeneration Water Plant Upgrade

Retrofit an existing water treatment plant (WTP) to soften and reduce silica to acceptable feedwater levels for drum pressure of 425 psig.

SAGD Production Waste and Water Study

A study designed to provide a detailed overview of current operational conditions of a thermal energy plant, which consists of drafting piping and instrumentation diagram (P&IDs) and process flow

Market Assessment Evaluation

Evaluation for a merchant water business through a market assessment evaluation and identifying the potential business case for market entry.

Pipeline Routing & Desktop Study

Selecting an appropriate pipeline route to carry and unconfirmed volumetric flow rate of natural gas to connect into a major transmission line