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Market Assessment Evaluation

The Challenge

Integrated Sustainability evaluated the business opportunity for a merchant water business by conducting a market assessment evaluation and identifying the potential business case for market entry. We utilized high-quality analytics and a sufficient level of detail within the assessment.

Additionally, Integrated Sustainability facilitated an education scope enabling executives to quickly learn about this new emerging market and the company’s options for exploiting it.

The Result

Integrated Sustainability determined the geographic water supply drivers based on screening level results, which provided an understanding of the water sourcing, storage, and recycling opportunities for short versus water-long areas (watershed and availability outlook). Deliverables included data sets presented in a sophisticated geographic information system called GeoCata, which enabled the customer to change variables against emerging consensus.

The customer also acquired a strong understanding of the various merchant water infrastructure options, enabling the customer’s business development team to sell the infrastructure solution and capital spend both internally and externally to its existing and potential clients.

ESG Project Benefits:

  • Sustainable water management by promoting produced water recycling and re-use
  • Building resilient infrastructure that generates jobs and economic growth
  • Permanent centralized infrastructure limits trucking and associated air emissions


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