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SAGD Production Waste and Water Study

The Challenge

A study designed to provide a detailed overview of current operational conditions of a thermal energy plant, which consists of drafting piping and instrumentation diagram (P&IDs) and process flow diagrams (PFDs), sampling plan, and an evaluation of the water chemistry. Following the completion of the water chemistry evaluation, Integrated Sustainability conducted a multi-criteria evaluation which assessed water treatment technologies and optimization strategies to reduce disposal costs.

The Result

The cooling towers onsite receive a variety of wastewater streams including reverse osmosis concentrate, water from drain tanks, evaporate blowdown, and other re-use flow from treatments. Under normal operating conditions the plant produces approximately 40-80 m³/day of wastewater at an average disposal cost of $20/m³ and is transferred to a nearby disposal well. The scope of work for this project included:

  • Compiling and updating process and instrumentation drawings (P&IDs) and process flow diagrams (PDFs) to produce up to date drawings for operations and future work as well as to identify key locations for collecting water samples
  • A review of available chemical analyses to complete a heat and material balance (H&MB) on the PFDs

ESG Project Benefits:

  • Enhancing energy efficient infrastructure that reduces water, waste and air pollution

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