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Water Reuse for Slickwater Hydraulic Fracturing Activities

The Challenge

Integrated Sustainability’s client was looking to reuse produced water from their Assets to complete slickwater hydraulic fracturing activity. The client provided Integrated Sustainability with some was quality analyses from these assets to perform a preliminary assessment on both compatibility and reuse opportunity. Reuse of produced water and flowback would improve the client’s social license to operate, minimize capital expenditure, and reduce operational costs. The client had requested that Integrated Sustainability complete a Water Reuse Strategy Evaluation that provided a recommendation regarding a water treatment process and associated infrastructure including storage, treatment processes, and equipment.

The Result

Integrated Sustainability developed and delivered a Water Reuse Strategy based on technical feasibility, reliability, operational risk, and scalability to encourage water reuse with the intent of reducing operational costs and maintaining the client’s social license to operate in the area. The Water Reuse Strategy Evaluation assessed the cost benefit of implementing the strategy in terms of capital cost of treatment processes and associated infrastructure, as well as operational costs including man hours, chemical consumption, waste management, and water resourcing.

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