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Duvernay Freshwater Storage Pond

The Challenge

Provide a preliminary design, in support of an application for Water Act approval from the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), and a detail design of a 300,000 m2  freshwater storage pond in the Duvernay Shale Region in central Alberta. Additionally, Integrated Sustainability was asked to provide Field Engineering services, including quality control and quality assurance for Earthworks and quality assurance for Geosynthetics, to support the construction of the freshwater pond.

The Result

Integrated Sustainability submitted the Water Act application on behalf of the client to the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and received approval to construct the pond. Integrated Sustainability then completed the detailed design incorporating an innovative outtake system by utilizing prefabricated HDPE sumps and provided Field Engineering services, including QA/QC for Earthworks and QA for Geosynthetics.

In addition to conventional Field Engineering services, Integrated Sustainability provided QA on the contractor’s survey and collected orthorectified imagery with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), which was used to calculate periodic excavation and fill volumes during construction.

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