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Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022

Sustainability in action

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Leveraging B.C.’s new Technology readiness Levels (TRL) permit

A pathway to deploy innovative mine water technology

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Enabling water reuse systems in the Caribbean

Building climate resiliency

Operationalizing Sustainability

Sustainability and ESG Consulting

With the onset of sustainability and climate-related disclosure, a proactive approach to corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting – and impact mitigation – is more important than ever for maintaining compliance with financial regulations, customer supply chain requirements, and stakeholder expectations.

Equipped with extensive industry insights and knowledge, we work with your leadership teams to develop robust ESG strategies that go beyond compliance to resonate with stakeholders, secure investments, promote sustainable business practices, and deliver long-term value.

Water Resources

With regulators delicately allocating limited water resources amongst vying industries, stakeholders, and ecological requirements, water resources are often critical project risks.

Increased climate variability is also impacting both water availability and reliability, and project proponents must right-size their infrastructure to maximize uptime, maintain compliance, and deliver stakeholder value.

We offer a full suite of water resource assessment services to better understand your water sources, build a compelling use case, reduce water availability and reliability risks, and plan for long-term success.

Permitting & Compliance

Regulatory applications and permitting are often one of the greatest project risks. 

By engaging us in the early stages of your project, we help you anticipate and mitigate application risks and challenges and confidently navigate the regulatory landscape.

Regulatory engagement doesn’t stop once project construction is complete. Ongoing engagement, assessments, monitoring, and reporting are all part of navigating compliance requirements and maintaining good standing.



Sustainable infrastructure assets should be built to provide an environmental benefit. Our technical teams design the right solution with the specialist-firm agility that you need.

The sustainable infrastructure we design is delivered with our agile approach so that your project goals and value requirements are met.

Equipment Supply & Construction

The equipment we supply and install is based entirely on technical fit, environmental performance, and value to our clients.

You will realize the best project value by working with us, as we have no vested interest in technology patent ownership and integrate the best available technology to achieve the required system outcomes.

Operations & Maintenance

Water infrastructure assets should be operated to maintain quality and longevity.

When conditions change, you stand to realize great value when your operations and maintenance team can also execute the required capital upgrades and repairs.

Our team of in-house operational specialists provide a combination of industrial programming, operational control, and maintenance services to upgrade your facility continuously.

Commercial Flexibility

We are well-positioned to reduce project execution and operational risk through our DBO/DBOO contract offering.

We are open to a number of commercial options for sustainable infrastructure, including:

  • Design-Build (DB)
  • Design-Build-Operate (DBO)
  • Design-build-Own-Operate (DBOO)
  • Design-Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (DBOOT)

We have the capabilities and capital partners to own and operate water infrastructure under long-term agreements and will consider partnership and joint venture options where appropriate.

Latest Projects

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Selenium treatment for a gold mine in British Columbia

Major equipment deployment

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Water feasibility study for a green hydrogen project

Transitioning heavy fuels to a low-carbon future

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Bridgetown sewage treatment plant upgrades

Delivering climate-resilient infrastructure

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Environmental, Social & Governance Report for Crew Energy

Driving positive change and embracing the path forward

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Saturated Rock Fill (SRF) water management

Innovative mine water source control strategies

06 / 07

Blue Economy framework & policy development

Protecting Barbados’ marine environment

07 / 07

World's first passive closure mine reclamation

Technical innovation and data-driven project delivery

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Discover a conscientious company character built on an ethos of teamwork and a determination to build a cleaner, more equitable future for all. 

Latest Articles & News

Hydrogen Production Water Management: Understanding the Challenges

This paper underscores the critical importance of water management in hydrogen production. In principle, it highlights the need for a comprehensive approach to address water challenges, including sourcing, cooling, treatment, and wastewater management. In practice, implementing comprehensive water management strategies presents a complex and location-specific challenge. 

Whitepaper: Hydrogen Production Water Management: Understanding the Challenges

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