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Asset Water Strategy Development

The Challenge

Integrated Sustainability’s customer is focused on continued growth of their operations through the exploration and development of their British Columbia and Alberta assets. Reliability risk reduction and cost reduction of source water, disposal, and related infrastructure is essential to the growth of their operations at scale. The costumer has identified the need for detailed asset-level water strategies for two asset areas, an asset-level water strategy framework was needed to provide a proactive plan to manage water for the responsible, reliable, and cost effective development of these assets at scale.

The Result

Our approach to developing this asset level was strategy was phased, with each phase designed to leverage information generated by the previous one. The approach identified possible source water and disposal options, or a combination of options. The end result was an Asset Level Water Strategy Plan, which mitigated internal risks identified during the process, cumulative effects from other water-reliant operations, and accommodated external factors affecting water availability and reliability, such as climate variability.

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