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Mine Closure Planning Project

The Challenge

Integrated Sustainability was contracted to provide support to the mine Water Group in support of mine closure planning. Requested deliverables included:

  • Closure planning for decommissioned or soon to be decommissioned facilities
  • Dedicated disposal areas monitoring and evaluation
  • Bedrock investigation
  • Site-wide groundwater monitoring, management plan development, and risk analysis

The Result

In addition to the requested deliverables, Integrated Sustainability’s scope grew to include:

  • Review of research initiatives and identification of new initiatives to support closure planning, due diligence, and regulatory needs
  • Assessment of risks associated with gypsum, coke and fly ash use/storage/disposal
  • Support at internal meetings (participation and presentations) and with regulatory agencies; ESRD, ERCB, etc.
  • Senior-level guidance to staff and technical review of reports, memoranda, and research proposals

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