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Project Tag: Risk Analysis and Mitigation

SAGD Water Security Assessment & Planning

The client requested that Integrated Sustainability conduct a water risk assessment that included the evaluation of source water, water use, and associated water-related risks in relation to its operations

asset-level water strategy framework

Asset Water Strategy Development

An asset-level water strategy framework to manage water for the responsible, reliable, and cost effective development of assets at scale.

Fire Protection System Design

Complete a fire protection system plan for one of the largest crude oil rail loading facilities in North America. This was required to demonstrate to the local municipality that

Water Security Management Plan

Develop a Water Security Management Plan (WSMP) with the goal of ensuring available source(s) of water to support future operations. The WSMP was also tasked with identifying suitable water

Mine Closure Planning Project

provide support to the mine Water Group in support of mine closure planning. Requested deliverables included: Closure planning for decommissioned or soon-to-be decommissioned facilities; Dedicated disposal areas monitoring and

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