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Regulatory Bulletin, January 2024

New Planning and Mitigation Measures on Treaty 8 Territory

Effective 15 April 2024, industry applicants planning projects on Treaty 8 Lands must incorporate new planning and mitigation measures outlined by the BC Energy Regulator and Treaty 8 First Nations. Proponents will be required to submit additional documentation demonstrating adherence to these measures as part of their application, and some measures may necessitate pre-application planning and investigations based on project specifics.

Furthermore, BC released Phase 1 of the province’s Critical Minerals Strategy, and surface water withdrawal suspensions continue for certain water sources in the Fraser, Peace, and Liard River watersheds.

In addition to these developments, the Alberta Energy Regulator published the 2022 Liability Management Performance Report, with its findings emphasizing the province’s progress in cleaning up inactive oil and gas sites.

Download the full document for further information on climate action initiatives and policy updates across Canada.

About: This bulletin highlights the regulatory changes and updates within the energy and natural resource sectors in North America that the Integrated Sustainability team has been tracking through January 2024.


  • CER releases Crown Consultation and Accommodation Report for the NEBC Connector Project
  • CER Releases Final Investigation Report on the 2022 NGTL Simonette Lateral Pipeline Rupture
  • CER Releases Market Snapshot of Increased GHG Emissions from On-Site Electricity Generation and Cogeneration
  • Funding for Freshwater Ecosystem Initiatives
  • New Electrical Vehicle Availability Standard


  • Alberta Government Invests in Post Secondary Programs for Hydrogen, Drones, and Forests in Alberta
  • AER Publishes First Liability Management Performance Report

British Columbia

  • New Planning and Mitigation Measures on Treaty 8 Territory
  • Water Suspensions Expected in BC
  • Phase I of BC’s Critical Mineral Strategy Released ­
  • BC Announces 10-year Capital Plan to Expand Electrical System

Feature Report

  • Water-Sharing Agreements Now Underway to Mitigate Against Drought Risk

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Stephanie Demers, B.Sc.
Sr. Environment & Regulatory Advisor
Integrated Sustainability

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