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Are You Capitalizing on Next Generation Civil Construction?

Find out how you can deploy leading-edge technology in the field & reduce operational expenditure

The push is on to adopt innovation and cutting-edge technology to find new ways to lower costs and compete for investment dollars. One readily available and cost-cutting innovation is finding civil earthworks companies who have accepted and adopted:

Real-time, drone collected data: 

Validate that the crew is building exactly to the design.

GPS integrated construction technology:

GPS on the equipment won’t let crews miss extents of excavation, fill zones, or elevations.

Integrated construction management software:

Real time status reporting paints a much clearer picture of building progress, operational workflow, and material performance.

 “When changes needed to happen, we could perform quick calculations or take a quick look at the area in question on the computer, and we had the answer going forward. We lost no productivity, no downtime, everything moved. We reduced cost, beat up our schedule and moved it ahead, and we came in under budget. It significantly increased our productions in the neighborhood of 30 to 45%. We reduced our idle time and fuel consumption; we reduced all of those costs associated with the job.”

Jason Montpetit GSC, NCSO.
Civil Construction Project Manager
Integrated Sustainability

Geomatics & Ground Surveyance Services

Using the latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Real-time Kinematic (RTK & PPK) technologies brings value-added intelligence to projects during both design and construction phases, but especially for monitoring Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC).

Previous Projects

Our sustainable infrastructure expertise has been sought for over 200 civil engineering projects. Learn how we’ve applied industry-leading talent to improve lives and habitats across a wide variety of jurisdictions and environments.   

Wastewater Containment Structures

Provided the siting, geotechnical investigation, preliminary/detailed engineering, regulatory package, procurement, and construction services required for 2 x 50,000 m3 saline water storage ponds in NE BC. Collected orthorectified imagery with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), which was used to provide periodic excavation and fill volumes. Provided onsite QA/QC construction services. Successful in obtaining approval from BC Regulator. Implementation of an innovative outtake system.

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