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2016 Regulatory Outlook for the Oil and Gas Industry in Western Canada

Download our Integrated Sustainability Outlook paper on how 2016 is shaping up with anticipated regulatory changes

The Environment and Regulatory group at Integrated Sustainability have been working diligently to keep up to date with current and emerging changes within the Western Canadian regulatory landscape and have created a Regulatory Outlook paper for 2016 to communicate our findings.

2015 ushered in unprecedented changes to the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry with new Federal and Alberta governments in power and a dramatic decrease in the price of oil.

2016 is shaping up in a similar fashion, with changes anticipated across the country to greenhouse gas policy and regulations, water management, and regulatory processes.

This position paper:
  • Looks at Air, and specifically the impact of Climate Change initiatives at the Federal, British Columbia, and Alberta Governments.
  • Examines Water Management from the new BC Water Sustainability Act, the Alberta Wetland and Water Policies, the Alberta Alternative Storage Application Guidelines, Re-use policy, and water restrictions.
  • Provides insight into Regulatory Process Changes in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

Author: Jennifer Keturakis
VP, Environmental Sciences & Regulatory
Integrated Sustainability

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