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Wastewater Management Strategy

Preliminary treatment system design, regulatory permitting and process identification, and capital/operational cost estimate analysis of preliminary engineering design.

The Challenge

Integrated Sustainability was tasked by the client to:

  • Develop a water management solution to mitigate costs associated with produced water disposal
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy that will reduce operational costs (i.e. for trucking and disposal) as well as environmental liability by determining the most practical and economical solution for managing produced water when reuse requirements are low
  • Evaluate the water chemistry from each asset area to determine which streams can be treated economically and which streams should continue to be disposed of
  • Determine whether the regulatory framework exists to allow discharge of treated produced water to the receiving environment and prepare a regulatory roadmap

The Result

Integrated Sustainability was able to successfully:

  • Identify the regulatory permits and processes required to treat and release produced water to the environment
  • Complete the preliminary design of a water treatment system that would treat to the environment as per the CCME mine effluent guidleines
  • Complete capital and operational cost estimates for the preliminary engineering design

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