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Water Reuse Strategy Evaluation

The Challenge

Integrated Sustainability’s client was looking to reduce their operational costs for trucking and disposal of frac flowback and produced water by reusing as much as possible during future completions. These costs are expected to increase as the client ramps up production. The client has requested that Integrated Sustainability complete a Water Reuse Strategy Evaluation that will recommend a water treatment process and site selection for associated infrastructure including treatment processes, storage and pipelines/roadways. The aim of the water reuse strategy is to provide a reliable water source that meets slickwater frac water chemistry requirements.

The Result

A multi-criteria analysis was conducted to compare and contrast two options against the base case with respect to the technical, environmental, regulatory, economic (capital and operational costs), and social benefits. An option was identified as the better water reuse strategy for the client for the following key reasons:

  • Elimination of fresh water consumption during regular operation
  • Reduction of brine disposal volumes by >40%
  • Provides an overall average OPEX savings

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