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Understanding and Tracking the Chemistry of Water to Increase Profits in Oil and Gas Operations

Find Out How to Increase Oil and Gas Profitability Through Better Tracking Of Water Chemistry

In a context of low oil and gas prices, increased water stress, and changing regulations, water management platforms that assist in water sourcing, treatment, and reuse are critical to bring costs down in oil and gas operations.

Inside this paper:
  • Unravel the challenges faced by the oil & gas industry that contribute to higher operational costs.
  • Presents proactive solutions to tackling the issues while building resiliency and certainty for your business.
  • Examines substantive insight based on real examples, not speculation.

Author: Dr. Jon Fennell
VP, Water Security & Climate Resiliency
Integrated Sustainability

Water Testing Experts

Water Resource Assessments

With climate variability continuing to impact water resources and operational integrity, water resource evaluations are more important than ever.

Previous Projects

Our sustainable infrastructure expertise has been sought for over 200 civil engineering projects. Learn how we’ve applied industry-leading talent to improve lives and habitats across a wide variety of jurisdictions and environments.   

Permian Basin Water Chemistry & Treatment Evaluation

Scale formation in the client’s produced water pipeline has been a challenge, resulting in unnecessary pigging and chemical treatment costs. The client requested that Integrated Sustainability conduct and evaluation to mitigate the scale formation as well as determine an optimal approach to reuse of produced water.

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