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Water Bulletin, Spring 2023

Water Availability Forecast for Spring 2023

Will Your Operations Be Impacted?

With snowpack at 70% and spring firmly underway, there is a chance for a lower than expected melt this year which may impact water availability for operations. Further compounding conditions, there is a strong probability for an ENSO transition reversal to El Nino, which may mean western Canada receives lower than expected rainfall.     

This bulletin features information on the transition beyond the spring freshet period, stream flow conditions across the province, and how this may impact western Canada’s oil and gas industry. We hope you find this edition informative and useful and provide an understanding of how this may affect your water management. 

Dr. Jon Fennell, Ph.D., P.Geol., M.Sc.
Principal Hydrogeologist & Geochemist
Integrated Sustainability

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