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Regulatory Bulletin, December 2023

Oil & Gas Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cap

The Federal Government announced its regulatory framework for capping emissions in the oil and gas sector – a national cap-and-trade system that claims will set emissions limits without restricting production. The framework proposes to cap 2030 emissions at 35-38% below 2019 levels to support the government’s objective of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.

Furthermore, Bill 61: the First Nations Clean Water Act, was proposed to parliament with the goal of recognizing and affirming the inherent right of First Nations to self-government in relation to water, source water, drinking water, wastewater, and related infrastructure on, in, and under First Nations lands.

In addition to these developments, the Alberta Energy Regulator published the 2022 Alberta Energy Industry Water Use Performance Report detailing how water was allocated and used by the energy sector.

Download the full document for further information on climate action initiatives and policy updates from across Canada.

About: This bulletin highlights the regulatory changes and updates within the energy and natural resource sectors in North America that the Integrated Sustainability team has been tracking through December 2023.


  • Oil and Gas Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cap
  • Federal Methane Regulations
  • Canada at COP28
  • Bill C-61: First Nations Clean Water Act


  • Alberta’s Emissions Reduction and Energy Development Plan Announces $31.3 Million for 9 Projects
  • Changes to Survey Plan Requirements for Public Lands Act Dispositions
  • 2022 Energy Industry Water Use Performance Report
  • AEPA Releases Interim Directives: The Well Site Reduction Pilot and the Reclaiming Peatland Pilot
  • Acquiring and Maintaining a Geothermal Mineral Lease in Alberta
  • AER Releases the Upstream Industry Emissions Report for 2022
  • Updates to Contaminated Sites Policy Framework

British Columbia

  • New Pilot Environmental Flow Needs Policy for Three Water Management Basins
  • Fish-Friendly Flood Infrastructure Development
  • BCER Clarifying Venting Information Requirements
  • Matching Existing Fluid Analysis to Formations


  • Government Investing in Emissions Reduction Technology
  • New Global Institute for Energy, Mines, and Society
  • Government Passes Carbon Tax Fairness for Families Act
  • Government Amends Legislation to Support Clean Electricity Transition

Feature Report

  • Critical Mineral Tenure

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