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Struggles and Triumphs with Multiple Sclerosis at Integrated Sustainability

“As I approach my one-year anniversary of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), I am reflecting on the personal and professional struggles and triumphs that I have been through in the last year, and also on what it means to me to have worked at my company through it all.

I remember it all so clear, the job post, the résumé, the phone call and ultimately the interview that would propel me into the wonderful world of Integrated Sustainability. My first day of work was unlike any other that I have had in my consulting career that started right out of University. I was brought around the office to meet all the people who would be my colleagues, my mentors and my friends for these past two and a half years. I knew this place was special but at that time did not understand how innovative, creative, challenging, competitive and fun this ride would be. Every day I wake up and I have two thoughts: what will my MS give to me this day and what will I learn from the challenges we will be solving for our clients.

Integrated Sustainability is very supportive of my diagnosis by allowing flexibility in my work schedule which includes: allowing me to work from home, providing time allotted to my appointments, and, when needed, I was also encouraged to take a short-term leave to be able to regroup and understand what my needs would be from a work perspective.  It’s not only in the professional arena that I am supported, some of my colleagues took part in my first MS Walk where we dressed up in our finest 80s gear and “Rocked the Walk”, and we will be heading to A & W on August 16th for the Burgers to Beat MS where $2 from every Teen burger sold will help those living with MS. I look forward to new challenges that we might take on such as the Johnson MS Bike, which is a two-day 180km road ride from Airdrie to Olds.

There is one thought that really sticks out in my head, we are all dealt cards that we did not ask for, but it is how we choose to play those cards that defines us.  I choose to continue to learn and grow, both personally and professionally, and can think of no other Company that I would like to foster my learning in.

Thank you Integrated Sustainability, for allowing me the space to work through my diagnosis and supporting my professional growth.  I know that no matter what challenges lay ahead, I have the full support of my Company!”

Amanda Jardine, P.Ag.
Environmental & Regulatory Advisor