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Passion for People and Culture Contribute to Tremendous Growth and Success

By Jennifer Chernishenko, Administrative Assistant at Integrated Sustainability

After celebrating our fourth  birthday (December 1) and looking back on the years gone by, it is easy to see that something special is going on here – we’re growing! The year 2014 alone has seen the addition of over 30 people. With so much growth happening so quickly, it would be easy to focus only on what’s coming and where to go next. However, we recognize that it takes the united effort of a very talented and dedicated team to keep the future’s prospects bright. So, let’s take a brief pause in all the excitement here and check in with some of the new hires to see what they think about working in this innovative and expanding company.

In talking to the new hires, there were a few themes that emerged. One of the most evident was on the kind of people that work here. Adam Campbell, a manager, legal and regulatory specialist, put it nicely when he said that since we spend so much of our time at work, we “might as well work alongside, fun, smart and quality people,” the likes of which he has found at Integrated Sustainability. Cheryl Dornan, a civil designer, commented that the people here gel well together, for work and for play. Frequently coworkers are seen going out for coffee, lunch, or drinks to socialize. Staff members have also organized time to spend with each other outside of work. For example, Adam has enjoyed being part of the running and climbing clubs.

The second major theme was on the type of projects Integrated Sustainability takes on. Jaqueline Bourque, a project engineer, says she would even work on all of them if she could since there is so much diversity in them. Some new hires also mentioned that they are interested in the potential for innovation and the impact the projects have on the company and the industry. Beyond being interesting, the projects also allow staff to work on new skills, adding a continuous learning and improving aspect to their jobs. Alexa Sperske, a senior geotechnical engineer, said she came to Integrated Sustainability for a challenge and change in her career – and it looks like she is getting it! So far, she has enjoyed learning about new areas of her work (including regulation of site selection) and is also looking forward to seeing the geotech sector develop within the business. Cheryl Dornan said she enjoys the freedom to use artistic licence in her drawings, and for the future she is looking forward to adding her creative skills to promotional presentations, potentially getting into 3D visualizations of technologies and projects.

New hires also talked about the value they have here. Yves Matson, a marketing consultant, said that coming to Integrated Sustainability was the “refilling of [his] sails.” He feels connected to the changes within the company and looks forward to becoming a fully integrated, and integral, part of the team. Additionally, Yves noted that he feels he has the opportunity to make a bigger impact here than at any other company he was at before, and that he has the freedom to explore his interests – even if they are not strictly in his job description.

So what do fantastic people, exciting work, and valued staff add up to? The answer is an amazing culture. Over and over the new hires commented on how positive their experience has been and how they feel that Integrated Sustainability is a place where they can personally and professionally grow. Kevin Clarke perhaps gave the company its best recommendation by saying it is “the most enjoyable work” experience he has had to date because of the camaraderie, positive atmosphere, interesting work, and enjoyable challenges the company has.

2014 was a big year for Integrated Sustainability and, with the experiences of the new hires as testimony to the positive culture the company has cultivated, it looks like there is a solid foundation for even more new and exciting opportunities.

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