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Open Doors Offer Insight Into Integrated Sustainability

By Jennifer Chernishenko, Administrative Assistant at Integrated Sustainability

“Before I came [to this Meet and Greet], I couldn’t figure out why you were growing so fast. After watching the presentation and meeting various people, I now understand.”

– Meet and Greet attendee

Why have a Meet and Greet? 

The Meet and Greet hosted by Integrated Sustainability on February 11, 2015 was not focused on filling specific vacant positions, but rather it was an informational session on what Integrated Sustainability is and what kind of people it is looking to hire. It was an opportunity for anyone, at any stage in their career, to come in and get to know the company. After an informational presentation, job seekers had the chance to mingle and chat about positions with senior employees and Integrated Sustainability’s president and founder Stuart Torr. From a company viewpoint, the Meet and Greet was an excellent way to get to meet potential employees, get an idea of the roles they could play in future projects, and educate them about what those projects are focused on.

How did it go?

Feedback was very positive, and, interestingly, one of the most common questions received regarded why Integrated Sustainability was hosting the event. In a nutshell, the purpose was to:

  • Introduce Integrated Sustainability and why it does what it does
  • Speak to some of the types of projects the company is sought out for
  • Explain the ways Integrated Sustainability works to advance the careers of its employees
  • Talk about Integrated Sustainability’s culture

Check out the video below and learn more about what it’s like to work at Integrated Sustainability!

What’s so Great About the Culture?

One of the first things Integrated Sustainability’s employees will mention when asked about working at the company is the supportive and enthusiastic culture permeating every corner of the place they work. The energy and passion people have for their job is part of what makes it a great company to work for. Professionally, Integrated Sustainability works hard at fostering both open communication and multidisciplinary collaboration – two things it feels generate a competitive advantage by improving project outcomes and employee development.

Are you a Job Seeker?

  • Come attend a Meet and Greet! Invite your friends too!
  • Keep tabs on Integrated Sustainability and network with its people. Available positions and project needs are always shifting.
  • Make your case. Find a way to make yourself stand out – come to a Meet and Greet to introduce yourself; revamp your resume and online profiles to highlight water or waste projects.

If you attended and would like to have seen something different or wanted more information on something, feel free to send any feedback to [email protected].

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